Voice Assistant & Chatbot

If you're not ready to talk to another human about your frustrations, you can confide in Curis - our human-like AI CBT chatbot.

Hey Curis!

Our NOT always listening chatbot only comes when you want it to.

We are building a human-like chatbot and voice assistant that can hold a conversion; answer your questions or just cheer you when you're having a bad day.
It's HIPAA-compliant and is not always listening. You can only activate it by clicking an icon on the app and saying the 'Hey Curis!'

A Listening Ear

Never going to judge you; and your secrets are perfectly safe!

Curis is smart enough to realise when you're asking a question or just ranting about your boss
And no, it will never judge you; it's always on your side. Feel free to share you deepest secrets cos they're perfectly safe.

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