Reshaping mental healthcare, one VR session at a time

Easy to use.

Simple. Smart. Snazzy. It’s a mental health & wellness app that doesn’t look or act like one. The MyCuris app makes it easy to access innovative mental health therapy, meditate and relax with VR.

100+ Experienced Therapists 24/7

Therapy sessions via live chat or live video on your phone or computer. These are handpicked social workers, marriage counselors and psychologists who have several years of experience and track record. Get matched today!

MyCuris Pro Features

Self-administered VR Exposure Therapy

Guided Meditation in Virtual Reality

Sleep Stories and relaxation sessions in Virtual Reality

Connect with experienced therapists via chat or live video

Immersive VR experiences

Calm, relaxing & therapeutic music

Virtual Reality

We will provide several virtual reality sessions prepared in partnership with professional psychologists. These sessions fall under one of these categories of mental health therapy: exposure therapy; cognitive behaviour therapy; stress management, physical rehabilitation and mental health assessment.

Guided Meditation
with VR

We will have several guided meditation and relaxation VR sessions that transport our users to scenic and tranquil real world locations.
Instead of an app simply telling you to close your eyes and breathe, you can go somewhere exotic and mesmerizing.

Relax & Unwind
with Virtual Reality

After a long day at work, everyone could use a little rest and relaxation. However, instead of heading home to veg out on the couch, imagine being teleported somewhere so tranquil and magical that your troubles simply melt away.
You feel immersed in nature and bask in your one-on-one relaxation vacation.

It's all in the app!

I'm on an Icelandic cove, watching the sunset and the small waves lap at the rocky shore while a soothing Sigur Ros instrumental track plays around me. A voice instructs me to take a deep breath, fill my lungs, and then release, letting go of any tension.Amazing! Took my meditation to the next level!

@clickbyclick via twitter

Instead of an app simply telling you to close your eyes and breathe, you can go somewhere exotic and mesmerizing for a one-on-one relaxation vacation without really going anywhere. You feel immersed in nature and are transported to another place and you can just be.

Ankita Patil via facebook