• A Sound Mind
    in a Sound Body!

  • AR psychotherapy & stress management tools on-demand using CurisView, our AR headset. a.k.a The Hololens for healthcare.
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A Sound Mind
in a Sound Body!

AR psychotherapy & stress management tools on-demand using CurisView, our AR headset. a.k.a The Hololens for healthcare.

For everyone.

MyCuris was built to democratize access to top notch, affordable and convenient behavioral healthcare regardless of race; background or pay bracket.


MyCuris makes it easy to access the support you need, when you need it by providing on-demand mixed reality psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises & stress management tools.

AR Psychotherapy

Augmented reality sessions for stress management; cognitive behavior therapy; anxiety & depression relief etc self-administered or by experienced therapists

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AR Mindfulness Exercises

Teleport to real world scenic and relaxing locations for guided meditations.
Get set to up your meditation game with immersive sounds and therapeutic music.

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Live Therapists 24/7

Talk to an experienced therapists suited for your personal situation.Whether you need a listening ear, counselling or professional therapy, we got you!

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Behavioural Healthcare from the Future

We're taking an integrated approach to mental health by using a hybrid strategy consisting of mixed reality psychotherapy; mindfulness exercises and stress management tools in augmented reality.

Imagine an app that helps me manage stress & overcome my phobias with AR

Imagine an app that let's me meditate or relax in scenic and relaxing real world locations.

Imagine speaking with speaking with experienced therapists hand-picked for me

That's how cool mental healthcare should be! Fun & innovative; the MyCuris way!

AR Therapy, affordable & highly effective virtual reality for mental health, meditation & relaxation.


More Savings when you Opt for Weekly or Monthly Subscriptions.

Improving Mental Health in the Workplace is Good for Business.

Did you know that 1 in 5 of your employees are presently experiencing a mental health challenge? And their decreased productivity is costing you a lot of money?

MyCuris corporate enterprise plans enable you provide mental healthcare and VR booths for your employees. Consultations are private and therapists are available 24/7

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What our customers say

I'm on an Icelandic cove, watching the sunset and the small waves lap at the rocky shore while a soothing Sigur Ros instrumental track plays around me. A voice instructs me to take a deep breath, fill my lungs, and then release, letting go of any tension.Amazing! Took my meditation to the next level!

@clickbyclick via twitter

Instead of an app simply telling you to close your eyes and breathe, you can go somewhere exotic and mesmerizing for a one-on-one relaxation vacation without really going anywhere. You feel immersed in nature and are transported to another place and you can just be.

Ankita Patil via facebook